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Directors experience

Danka’s love affair with design began 15 years ago in her home country of Poland. Being a pretty serious place, design had to be purposeful and practical as well as aesthetic. Danka started my design journey with the belief that great branding can serve a purpose and make a difference in our world. She went on to spend the next 8 years in London, the creative capital of the Europe, working on an array of different types of design and gaining valuable experience in all areas of branding. Danka learnt how to push boundaries, be courageous and centre her designs around strong ideas. The last leg of her design journey brought her to Australia’s beautiful Northern Beaches. It is working here in Sydney for strategy led packaging agencies that she affirmed her love for packaging design. Danka has been lucky to work for large FMCG companies as well as small boutique entrepreneurs, She’s created packs for almost every category, and loved every minute of it. But she believes the best is still to come.

Studio process

From start to finish our team think holistically and strategically about your brand. We start with an initial strategic stage, looking around your brand at the environment, market, consumers and competition. We then look inside your brand, at its purpose, mission, and personality. Our experienced team distill from this a brand essence; a statement to summarise, focus and aid in the next stage of design, and when required we create naming options. From here we build on your brand’s unique story with visual elements such as logos, colour palette, typography and tone of voice. The team design idea driven packaging, bespoke typography and illustration. We direct photoshoots and create ad and social media content. Each brand is as unique as it’s creators so we tailor each project accordingly.

What makes our studio unique

Extreme passion and dedication definitely sets us apart from the crowd. Danka may live by the beach and draw inspiration from her life, but the team under her direction work hard to create designs that they are proud of and the clients will love. The studio always dream big, our concepts begin life abundantly and courageously, and we believe all design should be built on top of a strong idea foundation. We think strategically and will give our clients a clear path for your brand to pursue, we create concepts that best represent you and your brand, and finally distill it all into a neat design solution for you to take home and love.

Our Team

Experienced team of strategic and creative implementors

Danka Designs desk

Danka Gralik

Lead Creator & Director


Selina Hill

Strategy & Content Writer


Nick Druery

Account Service & Digital Producer

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