RuSoy candle box range


When the owners of RuSoy tasked us with creating the new look for their coastal inspired candle brand we knew that we had great project but also a challenge ahead.

Our aim was to create a brand simple enough to complement any room. The challenge was to give it enough ownable elements to ensure the look is memorable. It needed to stand out in the market overcrowded with minimalistic brands.

To achieve this we chose to draw the inspiration from the heart of the company – the love for the beach. Since the whole brand is influenced by the ocean, we’ve made a delicate watercolour block the hero of the pack. While very simple, it creates a clear connection to the ocean and softens the otherwise minimal design.

More character has been added through the new logo. Created with a modern twist on a classic font it gives the brand a current but also premium look.

To communicate the hand crafted nature of Rusoy’s candles we made a simple hand icon and used a customised hand lettering for the brand story featured on the side of the pack.

With such simple design, the devil is in the details and finishes. We have opted for an uncoated stock and a silver foil finishes to make the packaging feel really special.

Side and back of pack of the RuSoy candle
RuSoy candle with leaves around it
RuSoy logo design - silver
RuSoy range photo
RuSoy Business Card held in a hand on a blue background
RuSoy Candle packaging - Champagne & strawberry on pink background
RuSoy candle packaging - zoomed in details

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